Tarragona Anuncis

Tarragona Anuncis the commercial portal of Tarragonès

Tarragona Anuncis is a virtual community and Business Center of the people who live and work in Tarragonès.
We want to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

For this reason, we have put at your disposal this Portal with different contents, such as:

A Classified Bulletin Board where you can offer and find what you need.

A business directory.

“We work for the future of the Tarragonès”


To make available to residents of Tarragonès, a virtual portal to enhance the communication of the Region.

Take advantage of new technologies to promote trade in our region.

That commercial relations through the Internet in the Tarragonès, be a reality.


Tarragona Anuncis, offers residents of Tarragonès a range of free services, such as:

Services without registering as a user of the Tarragona Portal:

Consult the company directory and contact the shops

Check the Classified Ad Table and contact the advertiser.

Services as a registered user in the Tarragonaanuncis Portal:

Free classified ads chart: Find a job, relate, search for a flat, buy, sell, rent, exchange, …


The Tarragona Anuncis Portal is a tool for potential trade. That’s why we offer various services to companies:

Advertising: At the portal there are spaces dedicated to advertising banners. These banners can be placed on the home page of the portal.

Business directory: We offer a directory of companies classified by sectors with a presentation page.